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Star cast: Preet Harpal, Roshan Prince, Priyanshu Chatterjee, Monika Bedi, Gurleen Chopra, Binnu Dhillon, Shivender Mahal, B.N. Sharma and Karamjit Anmol

Director: Harjit Singh Ricky
Producer: Gurpreet Singh Sidhu (Cine Vision India Ltd.), Speed Records and Emerging India Housing Corporation
Music: Jatinder Shah
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Language: U/A (Punjabi)

Review: Sirphire is the story of 3 college friends, namely Preet (Preet Harpal), Inder (Priyanshu) and Bittu (Roshan Prince). The movie opens with three of them taking their lives as fun and thrill. They can go up to any extent for their friends. Soon what they started in fun turns into a nightmare for them, which changes their lives upside down. Later when they realize that they have crossed the limit the tragedy has already occurred. This follows a series of events filled with emotions, comedy and drama.
Harjit Singh Ricky who has made over 300 music videos for Punjabi songs debuts with his first feature film, Sirphire. Harjit himself also writes the story of the film. First things first, Harjit Ricky as a director makes a fine start to his career. This can be seen from his style of making the film. Instead of going for the sets or some places with fewer crowds, instead he has chosen real locations and the places, which attract the most crowd. But what disappoints me is the story and the screenplay of the film. The film starts of pretty well but soon dips in the post interval sections. A few unwanted scenes of 8-10 minutes could have been done away with.
Preet Harpal impresses on his debut as an actor. He has himself been a student in Chandigarh so maybe that’s why it suited him. Priyanshu was a disappointment due to lack of Punjabi speaking skills. Monika Bedi was presented well in the desi girl avatar. Gurleen Chopra was her as usual, charming and sweet. Her entry scene pretty much set the tone for the film that of course lated dipped. Roshan Prince was the surprise package of the film. Much wasn’t expected of him and he really impressed with his acting skills improved. Comedians like Binnu Dhillon and Karamjit Anmol were impressive as usual. Though their roles were kept pretty much short. Shivender Mahal was also good as the father of Priyanshu. B.N. Sharma was the best among the comedians as the corrupt Police Officer. The music of the film was just about okay but had 2 hit numbers like Look v/s Lakk and Gaani. Also the item song Patang Wali Dor was peppy. Jatinder Shah had given the music.
Overall, Sirphire is a one-time watch film. Fans of Preet Harpal and Roshan Prince will be happy to see their stars perform well on the bigger platform.

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